Silverstone Rally day!

I’ve just returned from a day out to Silverstone with my brother Brian and boy did we have a blast. You get the chance to blow around a rally circuit in a top of the range Ford Fiesta which was absolutely thrilling to drive and complete with roll bars. I didn’t want it to end; they had to prise my little pincers from the steering wheel!


Brian was a little more reserved but I would not fancy paying the servicing costs after he had his way with poor Fiesta, though I guess they are built to take a bit of a thrashing. As much as I love Kelly the Ka, I must admit I have been browsing the web for a used Fiesta with dreams of getting deep under its bonnet, in an attempt to recreate the driving experience I enjoyed at the Silverstone Rally day.

For now though, I’m going to start saving for further racing experiences at Silverstone, as it was truly ace.


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