Good day, my (nick) name is The Code Byter! I plan on keeping this blog running in order to discuss my true passion… Cars. I am your typical petrol head and I drive a second hand Ford Ka, sure it’s not the most reliable car in the world but it offers much more in the way of personality and character and constantly keeps me on my toes in the garage, something which I welcome rather than begrudge.

Kelly the Ka's 13th birthday

Kelly the Ka’s 13th birthday

I am obtaining many skills thanks to the demands of my Ka, I have mastered all the basics and can now replace my own headlights, air-filter, spark plugs and I am sure my Ka will force me to learn something new before too long.

It has passed its MOT check over 10 times and it fills me with pride to think that when I bought it, the previous owner slashed the cost and warned me that it probably wouldn’t last too long.

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